• Fish Maine

    Fish Maine

    Fish Maine is our campaign that lets you in on a little secret. This should help you feel completely comfortable doing business with us. We're not here to make a quick buck, although it does help make the world go around.

    We are here to promote quality businesses that are owned and operated responsibly here in the state of Maine.

    Learn more about what Sir Timothy Troutworth has to say here.

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    Looking to the future with HyperGrass

    Helping Maine businesses grow on the web with comprehensive branding programs. Video, site design and analysis, online sales, app development and deployment, graphic design, and more.

    HyperGrass. We are your hyper-local, grass-roots living solution.®

HyperGrass® Your partner in hyper-local, grass-roots living.

HyperGrass® Your partner in hyper-local, grass-roots living.