Auclair Cycle & Ski Augusta Maine

Auclair Cycle & Ski has been serving the Greater Augusta, Maine (ME) area for decades. Remember life on the Kennebec River before the rail trail? Well, Dave was one of those people working on that project back in the day.

Auclair Cycle & Ski Cultural Development

It was the 90’s, Dave’s shop was riding the mountain bike wave as it swept east. A beach bomber with PhattTires® was great, but what if you wanted to earn a glimpse of what was on the other side of the hill? Add a few gears, some hand brakes, a freewheel, derailleurs, and a few other problem solvers and that would become a petri dish for a brand new culture.

Auclair Cycle & Ski shop


Auclair Cycle & Ski and its Slogan

David AuclairIntroducing mountain biking to the area was a sport in itself. Many shop rides were offered after hours – it was the way to maintain your edge and welcome newcomers. If you had a carbon frame, you may as well been flying a space ship. The shop sponsored a few local pros and many riders are still hammering today.

The shop had much to offer in the 90’s. Fitness Fashion & Fun has been the shop’s slogan for many lifetimes, it seems. There is something organic and simple about the shop. When you walk in, you know you will be served with a smile and no pretense.

The old neighborhood is working its way back, offering many new amenities and benefits for your family! Auclair Cycle & Ski offers many solutions to serve your healthy recreational patterns. From the child inside to the recreational enthusiast and beyond, Auclair Cycle & Ski is here to serve you and your community.

Auclair Cycle & Ski Sign

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