Belgrade to Boston Song

These can be trying times we live in. That’s why I wrote this song called Belgrade to Boston. Originally, I wrote the song for another purpose. Actually, as I recall it, I wrote this song with my entire family! What a joy. Catherine and I were talking about the need for a song like this. We talked and thought about it for a while. We produced a few ideas. But the real magic came when our kids hit the scene. That same afternoon, when the kids got home from school, we all worked hard and finished the song you now know as Belgrade to Boston by The Careys. After re-listening to the song I discovered that it would be a nice gesture for all of our friends and family in the Boston area. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

The hope is that this song will light up some spirits with its upbeat and somewhat humorous delivery. It is a song of hope, youthful excitement, and oneness. Imagine listening to this song through the ears of a child. How many great opportunities are there in the many historic districts in Boston? Contemplate your existence in the Trinity Church. Cast your eyes upon the tower of the Old North Church and gaze into a transcendant moment. Or, just go to the food court.

What a place. We all continue to look to Boston as a national leader. Boston Strong!


Belgrade Village, Maine wishes to send many good wishes to all people involved.

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Listen to Belgrade to Boston song here! Boston Strong

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