Generators of Maine delivering powerful services

Generators of Maine deliver powerful services across state

You know the value of a reliable generator if you survived Maine’s ice storm of 1998. A well-stocked pantry stuffed with non-perishables isn’t bad either. As you might remember, many friends were without power for two weeks or more! That storm made its mark in Maine and national history that year. It was 1998.

Maine is a funny place – mostly due to its weather patterns. Messing around in the winter can be a lot like life in a snow globe – predictable and cute. All is well until the weather changes. Life’s best test is a Maine winter. If you are out there working for a living in these potentially harsh conditions be sure to pay attention. You will have plenty of stories to tell when it’s time to come in for dinner. So grab some hot chocolate and pull up a stool for this little video session dedicated to the people working weekends with Generators of Maine.

Generators a sure bet for Maine winters

If you have been hemming and hawing about getting yourself hooked up, hem and haw no more. You’ll be glad you did when the next bout of inclement weather hits and the Abominable Snowman stops in at your house for tea. Just remember to have him check his shoes in the mud room and crank the heat for the most comfort.

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