The North Pond Hermit video production

Making of the North Pond Hermit Video

the north pond hermit stanley keach 020418
Maine singer-songwriter, Stanley Keach.

If you were with us in 2013 you remember a famous story of the North Pond Hermit. It was a story of solitude and wonder. After hearing the news of his capture, many rethought everyday life. Stanley Keach, a Maine songwriter, was one of those questioning the lifestyle of Christopher Thomas Knight. The North Pond Hermit quickly became a national sensation. And his story began here with HyperGrass as Stanley Keach came to our door saying, “Hey, I think this story has legs!”

Several brisk walks up and down Main Street in Belgrade Village, Maine stoked the fire – wondering if we could have made the same choices to abandon society for a life of solitude. The inspired discussions included life without the production line, little or no professional medical care, and minimal human contact. Personal hygiene and other subjects also haunted our conversations. Stan decided that he wanted to record a song about the North Pond Hermit. He came back the very next day with a completed song in hand.

the north pond hermit dan simons 020418
Dan Simons.

Stanley Keach arrived at the studio with his completed song and a Martin guitar. Stanley also brought with a friend. The friend happened to be a polished mandolin player and the two musicians prepared themselves to make a digital recording. It was a simple warm up period of chord chops, scalar runs and smiles. The recording was made using Mac OSX 10.5. The machine was an iMac and it was a late 2007 model. Microphone connectivity was supported by a Presonus FireStudio Tube. You can still find this recording interface. It comes in a smaller version called the FireStudio Mobile. You can find the Heil Sound PR 30 Large Diaphragm Multipurpose Dynamic mic here.

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